Aero-Club Bamberg e.V.
Airfield Details


The special airfield Bamberg-Breitenau (EDQA)
Economic operator Stadtwerke Bamberg Verkehrs- und Park-GmbH
Handling the flight operations Aero-Club Bamberg e.V.  Aero-Club Bamberg e.V.


Traffic Circuit EDQA Runway 03 (03/2018) | EDQA Runway 21 (03/2018)
Airport User Regulations EDQA Airport User Regulations (10/2015)
Traffic Regulation EDQA Traffic Regulation (08/2018)
Fees and Charges EDQA Fees and Charges (11/2013)
Fees and Charges annex EDQA Fees and Charges annex 1 (01/2014)


Airfield Details

Name of airfield (ICAO)

Bamberg-Breitenau (EDQA)

120.180 MHz Bamberg information

124.130 MHz ATIS (after pushing the transmit button three times on this frequency)

Airport elevation 811 ft / 248 m
Coordinates 49° 55,2' N 010° 55,0' E
Location 1 NM NE of the city centre of Bamberg
Traffic Circuit NW (1700 ft MSL)

03 / 21 (1.253m x 23,5m asphalt)

10t MTOW

LDA 03 / 21: 1.012m / 1.040m

TORA 03 / 21: 1.040m / 1.012m

GAFOR-Area At junction 54 / 56 / 57
Refuelling AVGAS, JetA1


Operations and PPR


Airfield control: Tel.: +49 951 45145

Field office: Tel.: +49 951 48718

Monday - Friday


No flights between 22pm and 6am (local)

Weekends / holidays*

Saturday: 10am - sunset, no later than 19pm (local)

Sunday/holiday*: 9am - sunset, no later than 19pm (local)


PPR fee: 15€

Use the Online-Form to send your request.

In exceptional cases:

Wilfried Horn

*Holidays in Bavaria: click here


  • Various lubricants available
  • Overnight stay of aircrafts and trailers (outdoor) is possible
  • Hangaring may be possible (please request prior)
  • Winch launch and airplane tow possible for non-members as well
  • Two bicycles can be borrowed


Further information

  • Takeoff/Landing/Taxi only on Runway and Taxiway
  • Attention:
    • unpaved apron only conditionally usable
    • unmarked wires 150ft approx. 300m NE
  • Glider traffic especially on SAT, SUN, HOL
  • Min. 3000ft MSL over city of Bamberg
  • Avoid residential areas near airfield especially Gartenstadt (0,5 NM SE) and Gundelsheim (0,5 NM N)
  • Due to noise abatement restrictions repetitive touch and go landings by foreign aircraft are not permitted
  • Published traffic circuit (see above) must be followed strictly