Aero-Club Bamberg e.V.
Airfield details


Special airfield Bamberg-Breitenau (EDQA)
Economic operator Stadtwerke Bamberg Verkehrs- und Park-GmbH
Handling the flight operations Aero-Club Bamberg e.V.   Aero-Club Bamberg e.V.


Traffic circuit EDQA runway 03 (03/2018) | EDQA runway 21 (03/2018)
Airport user regulations EDQA airport user regulations (10/2015)
Traffic regulation EDQA traffic regulation (08/2018)
Fees and charges EDQA fees and charges (11/2013)
Fees and charges annex EDQA fees and charges annex 1 (01/2014)


Airfield details

Name of airfield (ICAO)

Bamberg-Breitenau (EDQA)

120.180 MHz  "Bamberg Info"

124.130 MHz ATIS (press TX-button 3 times to activate broadcast)

Airport elevation 811ft / 248m
Coordinates 49° 55,2' N 010° 55,0' E
Location 1nm NE of the city centre of Bamberg
Traffic circuit NW (1700ft MSL. RWY03: LH pattern, RWY21: RH pattern)

03 / 21 (1,253m x 23.5m asphalt)

10t MTOW

LDA 03 / 21: 1.012m / 1.040m

TORA 03 / 21: 1.040m / 1.012m

GAFOR area At junction 54 / 56 / 57
Refuelling AVGAS, JetA1


Operations and PPR


Bamberg Info (tower): Tel.: +49 951 45145

Office: Tel.: +49 951 48718

Monday - friday

Departure and landing only allowed with approved PPR request

No operations between 10pm and 6am (local)

Weekend / holidays*

If weather conditions allow VFR traffic, PPR requests are deemed approved during our operating hours:

Saturday: From 10am to sunset, no later than 7pm (local)

Sunday/holiday*: From 9am to sunset, no later than 7pm (local)

No operations between 10pm and 6am (local)

PPR information

PPR fee: 15€

No PPR request is necessary during our operating hours on weekends and holidays if weather conditions allow VFR traffic.

Please use our online form to send your PPR request.

In exceptional cases:

Wilfried Horn

* Public holidays in Bavaria


  • Various lubricants are available
  • Overnight stay of aircraft and trailers (outdoor) is possible
  • Hangaring may be possible (please request prior)
  • Winch launch and airplane tow are possible for non-members as well
  • Two bicycles can be borrowed


Further information

  • Take-off/landing/taxiing is only possible on asphalt runway and taxiway
  • Attention:
    • unpaved apron are only usable to a limited extent
    • unmarked wires 150ft approx. 300m NE
  • Glider traffic especially on SAT, SUN, HOL
  • Maintain min. 3,000ft MSL above the city of Bamberg
  • Avoid residential areas near the airfield especially Gartenstadt (0,5nm SE) and Gundelsheim (0,5nm N)
  • Due to noise abatement restrictions repetitive touch and go landings by foreign aircraft are not permitted
  • Published traffic circuit (see above) must be followed strictly